September 25, 2018

Today’s episode of Turning Lemons Into Lemonade featured Media Coach – Victoria Mary Clark.  Victoria lives in Ireland and is just such a cute spitfire!  She is a media coach who really specializes in helping you find alignment in how you show up.

Victoria totally understands that one of the biggest challenges for women in business is how they show up in the world – wanting to be authentic, but not necessarily showing all the “yucky stuff” we all feel and experience in our lives and business.  She also talked about our fear in requesting media.

She said that as a journalist and media coach, she has often been looking for story ideas, and that you likely have a lot to say, but that you’re too afraid to put yourself out there to get real opportunities.  We talked about imposter syndrome and how we eventually just have to get over it and get out of our own way.

Victoria truly believes that if you want media attention – all you have to do is ask.  And that if you will take the time to get proper training in the ask and presentation – that the world can be your oyster.

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The Turning Lemons Into Lemonade Podcast with Amy Mewborn - Guest Victoria Mary Clarke