April 7, 2016

Amy Mewborn is the Founder of Women Success Society. She helps women entrepreneurs launch and scale six and seven figure businesses, without the hustle; with her signature programs - Business Success Simplified and Elevate Mastermind and Accelerator.

Use Your Passion For Your Business or Online Program to Increase Sales and Attract Customers

Have you built an online program that you are dying to launch and promote to the world?  Do you feel like you have a ton of knowledge and experience that the world NEEDS?!?!?

I just spent an AMAZING weekend with Todd Herman, Melanie Duncan, Devin Duncan, Dan Martell, Gary Nealon, and so many other amazing entrepreneurs at the 90 Day Year Live Event!  

If you don’t know Todd Herman, he is the creator of The 90 Day Year, a fabulous productivity and coaching program I have been participating in since the end of 2015.  He opened the weekend with a bold, no nonsense statement (as he’s known to do) about our past 90 days.

He said that he didn’t care what we had intended to do in the past quarter.  That we all had to get out on the field of play.  That we are ONLY what we do!

He then had us create four lists:

  • Our Wins
  • Our Challenges
  • Our Incompletions
  • Our Obstacles

One of the things that Todd has taught me over the past few months is that measuring our successes and our ACTIONS is the only way to achieve our goals.  What I walked away with in JUST the first hour there was that I had accomplished A LOT over the past 90 days, but I was afraid to get out and sell anything.  I was afraid to fail.  I was afraid to put myself out there and have people say I wasn’t good enough!   (I’m a braniac and in a lot of ways I am SUPER self confident.  But in some ways I still feel like a self conscious little girl!)

I am not shy, but I am afraid to self promote!  But what I found at the event that so surprised me is that I’m not the only one!  I was in the midst of all these amazing entrepreneurs and brilliant business people, with oodles of self confidence, who were often experiencing the same thing I was – fear of failure – leading to failure to launch!  

How fascinating to me that this was a fairly common occurrence.  We all felt like we were MEANT TO SHARE something VALUABLE to share with the world, but many of us were afraid to actually do it!

As we were all chatting over the three days, I kept meeting people who had a service I would love to buy, but I never even knew it had existed!

So, my lesson was this. Selling is what brings your business growth and success.  If you have taken the time to create a business, a product, an online program or a service; it is likely that you are passionate about it!  

One of the speakers was Brian Smith, the founder of Ugg.  His story about launching the Ugg brand and the struggles they experienced over the years was truly fascinating to me.  If this man had not had a pure passion for his product and his market, he probably would have quit over and over again!  But instead he felt COMPELLED to share the product that he had such passion for!

Creating and Launching an Online Program

Think about it: If you’re going to buy a product or service, don’t you want to buy from someone that is that passionate about their product or service?

Or would you rather purchase something that the seller did not put their whole heart in?  That they didn’t believe in?

So, I want to ask YOU this:

  • Do you believe in your product?
  • Do you believe it will benefit your client?
  • Can they trust that you will guide them through their new journey?
  • Are you excited about doing that for them?
  • Will it change some aspect of their life for the better?
  • How?
  • What is the end result they will have after working with you?

Now that I’ve got you thinking about their benefits of working with you… change your perception of sales. If you truly believe that you have a product, service, or online program that can change the lives of others, don’t you think you OWE IT TO THEM to get it out there!?!?

If you BELIEVE that you have something to help someone, you need to shout it from the rooftops.  You need to share your story and share your passion for why you created your product or service.  The sales will come – WITHOUT feeling salesy!

So, as my fabulous coach said this past weekend, get out on the field of play.  I don’t care what you wanted to do, I only care about what you actually DID DO!  If you have something to share with the world – DO IT!  Chances are there is someone who just can’t wait to buy what you want to share!