April 6, 2018

Amy Mewborn is the Founder of Women Success Society. She helps women entrepreneurs launch and scale six and seven figure businesses, without the hustle; with her signature programs - Business Success Simplified and Elevate Mastermind and Accelerator.
Biggest Fear in Business - Fear of Public Speaking

What is your biggest fear in your business?  For me, it was (and still is) my BIGGEST BUSINESS fear – Public Speaking!

When I was in high school, I had to take a speech class. I remember having to do a demo on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich – something we all know how to do!  But it still scared me half to death and no matter the topic, it always made my pulse race!

I knew if I wanted to succeed in business, I had to get over it – so I took debate class my senior year. Dr. Stuber was one of my best teachers ever. As long as I had a lecturn to hold on to – I was ok. But once, the judges were BEHIND us. They could LITERALLY see my knees knock and see me shaking from all the adrenaline – and stopped me in the middle of my rebuttal to ask me if I was ok!!! (EEEEEKKKK – that’s embarrassing!)

My first business coach, Allison Maslan really tried to encourage me to get over it – saying I could reach way more people if I was willing to speak from the stage! I still fought it!


This past year, I was one of the presenters at Mind Body Bold – and my coach Todd Herman gave me some great tips (and some tough love) in getting over it and just showing up and doing my best! It was great! Although I may not have been the most DYNAMIC speaker – I delivered great value – and had a line of people who wanted to talk to me for over two hours after my talk!

NOW – I am going all in and am going to work on stage presence and beating this fear once and for all. With Todd Herman‘s and Emily Fletcher‘s meditation guidance, I’m learning to slow the adrenaline!

So, in October, I’ll be attending Michael Port’s Heroic Public Speaking event – and I’ll kick this fear once and for all! Thank you to Allison Maslan, Todd Herman, Emily Fletcher, and Hilary Hendershott for the support and guidance. I’m a lucky girl to have such a great community!

What scares YOU in your business?  Tell me in the comments!