April 16, 2015

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Remembering your barre routine(1)
Remembering your “Barre Routine” as a Newly Certified Barre Instructor

One of the biggest concerns I often hear from potential barre instructors when they are completing their barre certification is that they don’t know that they will be able to remember the class that they designed and to do the same thing on both sides

 No problem!

This happens all the time – even to seasoned instructors.

 First, when you are first starting out as a newly certified barre instructor – take the time to design your class in advance.  Design it, and write it out!  With our Barre60 TM Barre Certification – we provide a few class templates where you can fill in your newly designed class and come back to it for future reference.

Take your class outline and place it by the stereo.

This way if you ever get lost along the way, you can go and check on what you had planned.
There is no shame in coming prepared.
Don’t use your notes as a crutch – but they are there if you need them!

 And after your class, take the pre-designed class and put it in a binder.

This way you can pull it out in the future and have a pre-designed class to use some time later.  After 3-6 months teaching, you’ll have quite a little library of classes that  you can use again and again.

We’re here to help you!  If you have any questions about completing your barre certification  – contact us!

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