August 24, 2017

Amy Mewborn is the Founder of Women Success Society. She helps women entrepreneurs launch and scale six and seven figure businesses, without the hustle; with her signature programs - Business Success Simplified and Elevate Mastermind and Accelerator.

Get More Referrals In Your Fitness BusinessDoes your fitness business need more referrals?

Statistics show that often, clients would LOVE to give you referrals, but they aren’t asked, and often don’t know how. Referrals can be the SINGLE most powerful way to grow your business – and you can literally build this as your MOST profitable client source – WITHOUT spending a dime. Inside Fitness Marketing on a Dime, we cover referral strategies so extensively that it gets its own module. But right now, I just want to give you three great tips on how to get more referrals in your fitness business!

Generate a Great Client Experience
Pay attention to when to ask for referrals. Clients are most likely to give you referrals when they just had an amazing client experience and feel emotionally invested in your business. For example, when they become a new member, when they meet a fitness milestone that you recognize, etc. Set up a system to ask for referrals from your clients on the day they sign their membership.

Host Referral Events
Make it EASY for your clients to give you referrals. Host events and encourage your clients to invite their friends. Things like “Free Friend Fridays” are a great way to encourage your clients to bring their friends in. Or special event parties that you invite your clients to bring their friends. Then you have an introductory offer for them to purchase on that first visit. The absolute best way to convert a new prospect into a long term client is to have a happy client walk them in to your studio and make the introduction! Make it easy for them with referral events!

Host Referral Challenges
Large gyms are the ones that I’ve seen do this most successfully just because of their resources. But one August (in our slowest time of the year) we ran a Referral Challenge. It turned one of our slowest months into one of our most successful months – yielding almost 20 new annual memberships!!! This is SUCH a great way for you to get your clients used to referring you – and it will be HUGE for your revenue growth!!!

In Fitness Marketing on a Dime, we’ll take an entire module to teach you some of the top strategies toward getting referrals in your fitness business! We’ll show you the top strategies for getting referrals and give you the actual tools to IMPLEMENT these strategies. Imagine the scripts, the templates, the checklists, and more to implement the referral strategies that work best for you!

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