How to Open a Fitness Studio without a Fitness Franchise


How to Open a Pilates Studio Without The Fees or Rules of a Pilates Franchise

This Free Training & Fast Start Guide START will reveal:

  • Typical Initial Start Up Costs & how you can open with as little as $50k - vs the $350k a pilates franchise requires!
  • The biggest mistakes past pilates studio owners have made & how it impacted their business!
  • How long it takes to find a location, & build & open a pilates studio.
  • If you can REALLY open a pilates studio without a franchise & how to get the pilates franchise systems - without the $50,000 pilates franchise fee!

Do you want to open:

  • a Pilates Franchise
  • a Lagree Fitness Studio
  • an IM=X Pilates Franchise
  • or another of the large pilates franchises?

Are you wondering how much is a Pilates Franchise?  

Avoid the mistakes of past pilates franchise owners and learn how to get pilates franchise systems - without a $50,000 Pilates Franchise fee.  

let's meet!

Amy Mewborn

I'm Amy Mewborn and in 2010, I left my 15 year six figure finance career to open my first barre studio!

That first year, I made over $75,000 of mistakes. 7 months later, I opened my SECOND studio and it was over 3 times more successful.

I helped write franchise manuals and have helped launch over 75 studios across the world - offering barre, yoga, pilates, spin, cycle, bootcamp, cardio dance, TRX, and more!

Today - I help you open your own successful pilates studio - without the costs and restrictions of a pilates franchise!


Get this FREE GUIDE to learn how you can open your own pilates studio without the fees and rules of a Pilates franchise or another pilates franchise.

Real Success Stories...

After receiving a glowing testimonial from another client of Amy’s, my decision was simple - I went all in. It was one of the easiest (and best) decisions I have made.

While the abundant information and resources in the SIB portal are valuable time and money savers, I have found the most value and support in my direct contact with Amy (my “Amy Dates”).

Our entire process of opening our studio was just a few months and Amy’s analogy of “drinking water through a fire hose” was spot on! In addition to her vast knowledge and experience (lease negotiations build out, staffing, marketing, etc.),

- Rita

Past Client

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Amy's Studio in a Box program. I highly recommend it for anyone dreaming of starting a studio without the franchise fees, while maintaining true creative freedom.

I had contemplated opening a Barre franchise but I had always heard that you were buying yourself a job when you buy into a barre franchise...which is what I wanted to leave. They also required very high liquidity and required me to quit my job. I thirsted for the freedom to do what I wanted and to have the flexibility without rules and fees, but also wanted (and needed) the support. I would not have gotten my loan or a real estate agent to take me seriously without the documents provided for a business plan and financial projections within the program.

- Kristin

Past Client

If you have a dream of owning your own studio, Amy’s so worth it!

As I started out my dream of having my very own studio, I really didn’t think I would be able to NOT go with a Barre3 franchise. I just didn’t think I had enough business and marketing knowledge to start up a studio from scratch. As I looked deeper into the world of franchises, I realized how limited I would be, financially and creatively, to start up this dream.

I can’t imagine the stress I would be under if I had decided to go with a franchise--the fees, the monthly royalty payments, the lack of personal expression… the list goes on.

- Kathi

Past Client

Get this FREE GUIDE to learn how you can open your own pilates studio without the fees and rules of one of a large pilates franchise.

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