August 28, 2018

In this episode of Turning Lemons into Lemonade, you are in for a real treat!  I had never met Kathy Haan prior to our recording today, but we had SUCH a good time chatting.

Kathy had been a financial advisor who had gained a ton of weight.  As a way to hold herself accountable, she decided to become a health coach for other clients – losing over 120 pounds in the process.  She did this for a while, but realized that although she LOVED coaching women, she really wasn’t passionate about health coaching.  She really wanted to help women grow online businesses!

Kathy told her story of Lemons – when she was booked for a coaching retreat in PARIS.  The trip had been fully paid for, and she had a flood in her home – causing their family to need to spend their cash reserve replacing their home goods.  Although the trip was paid for, when the time came, she didn’t have funds for her coaching fee for the month – and had to miss the retreat.

At that moment, she was sitting in Paris, while the business retreat was going on, and she was SICK over not being able to participate.  She didn’t call the coach and give excuses.  She started calling clients and generating revenue – getting together enough money in just one day to join in and finish the retreat with the rest of her tribe!

Kathy said that when she got home after that trip, she realized she NEVER wanted to go back to that feeling again.  So when she arrived home in Iowa, she hit social media and the phones and generated nine new clients in less than a week!

Kathy talked about once attending a live event with one of her mentors, who she had admired and looked up to.  In the event, the mentor disclosed that the percentage of profit in her business was about 6%!  As an ex financial advisor – this really raised a red flag for Kathy.  She and I both agree that it is so important to manage your business with an eye toward profitability!

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Kathy is warm, fun, and friendly.  She has built a fabulous business in a small town in Iowa – with only about 1000 people in her town!  She shared a TON of amazing business wisdom.  But her biggest piece of advice is that if you want to go fast or far – get a mentor.  Get someone who has done specifically what you want to do.  Make sure they are trust worthy and authentic.  And then go!

To hear more of this interview with Kathy Haan – click here!  It’s a super fun one!

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