December 11, 2018

EP:028-Guest Alison Beierlein-Turning Lemons Into Lemonade Podcast with Amy Mewborn

If you struggle with business finances at all, this is a GREAT episode for you!  Alison is a certified Profit First accountant and business advisor!  This means that she helps entrepreneurs make more NET income – and keep more of what they generate!

If you’ve ever tried to grow a business, this is a HUGELY critical factor!  We talked about when I was building my fitness business and was so focused on growing my gross revenue that my life was out of control!!  I was measuring (and striving toward a seven figure) gross income – meaning that I was way too focused on what I generated – NOT what I was keeping for my family!

Unfortunately many business owners run their businesses that way!

Alison really digs into how what we measure improves.  What we measure drives our business results.

And VERY few entrepreneurs are truly measuring net profit!

If you need some structure in your business or personal finances – this is the episode for you!


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