January 11, 2016

Test and Launch An Online Course

Have you wanted to launch an online business or an online product, but really have no idea where to start? You’re not alone!

I first tried to launch my online business about three years ago.  I had a business coach and I told her that I had this fabulous idea and that I was going to price this online product at $8,000.  She said, “Oh, that’s and amazing idea. I definitely think you should do that. But you’re not charging nearly enough.  You should charge $12,000.”

It took me over a year and a half to build the product and to get it to market.  Then it took me about another six months to market and promote it to sell my first one.  Do you know how much I sold it for?  $8,000.  Do you know why I sold it for that?  Because I kept hearing from all the people that told me no, that the $12,000 was too expensive!

Also, I found that the $8,000 version that I was selling that included a lot of access to me took more time and energy than I really wanted to offer!  So after a year of selling the program, I went in and tweaked it again to be a $4,000 online program (solely) instead.

After creating and testing the right program for the right market, I have found that the program is much easier to sell.  AND that I am more comfortable with the product.  But the lesson that I learned was that very few people have two years to sell their first product!!!

Since that time, I have launched four different online products.  And I have taken my knowledge and mistakes and want to share with  you how to get your own product tested and launched in less than 30 days.

If you are eager to launch an online program and need to generate money quickly, here are the easiest ways to test it, create it and launch it….

1.  Set up a landing page and drive traffic to it to see how many people are interested.  You can drive traffic to this landing page through posting in Facebook groups (if it is allowed in certain groups).  You can allocate a small budget to Facebook or Google Ads.  You can email your friends or associates and ask them to sign up for a freebie if they may be interested in knowing more about this  product.  You can use something like Leadpages or Optimize Press to create a quick, customizable landing page to test the interest in your product and build your email list of interested participants!

2.  Create it – If you are afraid that you may put a ton of time into creating something that no one wants, create just the basic outline of the program, get your opt ins through the landing page and sell the program as a six (to eight) week live program.  Then you can create the content and record the live sessions as you go along – allowing you to test the system and the interest as you go along!  It never fails that every time you create an online program, you will find that that you are creating the content and recording live workshops as you go along.  By the end of the six weeks, you will have market research and a full six week/six module course that you can sell over and over (or revise as needed).

3.  Launch It – We’re all afraid of throwing a party that no one attends!  It’s the same way with launching a program that no one buys.  As I mentioned, I believe the easiest, fastest way to launch a new program is to make it a six to eight week program and create it/record it/modify it as you go.  By doing it this way, you can use that first group as a beta test.  By making your first launch of your first program a beta test, you can sell it at a lower price during your first launch.  This will hopefully allow you to sell a higher volume, get more participants, get more feedback, and get paid to actually create the program!!!  The best way to launch something like this is to email your mailing list, host free webinars, tape educational videos, write blog posts, and more to get the word out!

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