July 25, 2018

Tonya Harris is one of my favorite people on this planet.  As you watch or listen to this episode of Turning Lemons Into Lemonade, you will see that she is easy going, fun, and super funny!  We spent a LOT of our time laughing!

Tonya is a childhood cancer survivor who is on a quest to minimize the toxins in our environment to make us healthier, and keep us safer.  But in her quest to do this, she has found resistance in the marketplace.  I know I have it myself!  People want to be healthier, but it seems almost impossible to remove all the things that are toxic.  And if I were completely honest, there are some things I don’t WANT to fully eliminate!

One of the things you will enjoy most about Tonya’s story is her ability to PIVOT in her business – in multiple ways!

  • When she was experiencing resistance to people removing toxins from their environment, she really listened and decided to name her company Slightly Greener.  She now focuses on showing how you can remove or replace things one at a time.  For example, starting with your cleansers or your lotion that you slather all over your entire body.  By helping you find the things that you can change without diminishing your quality of life, she can help you be healthier!
  • Topics such as cancer, learning disabilities, and toxic environments are pretty heavy, sad, tough topics to discuss.  Tonya believes in bringing in stories and fun – to help her message reach a larger audience!
  • One of the BIGGEST things that I think women business owners will get from Tonya’s interview is the freedom to not do  things in your business that you don’t like.  Tonya launched a membership site and an online program.  But she HATED all that went with it – the email marketing, the funnels, etc!  And she felt like because she hated it, she couldn’t reach the people she wanted to!  So one of her mentors, Chris Winfield, gave her the “permission” to eliminate it from her business!  That is when her business really started to take off!

Today instead of following the “traditional” path of online marketing, Tonya speaks and writes – bringing her message to many!  And she is DARN funny doing it!

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To hear a great story with a big why and how a successful business woman is bucking the trends and building her business her own way – listen to this Turning Lemons Into Lemonade episode with Tonya Harris today!  And be prepared to laugh along with us!

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