October 2, 2018

In this episode of Turning Lemons Into Lemonade, I interviewed Maggie Berghoff, a health coach specializing in Functional Medicine from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Maggie had been a RN for years and despite eating well, and doing everything “right” she was gaining weight at a rapid rate, and was becoming more and more unhealthy by the day – gaining 50 pounds in just a couple of months.

She kept going from doctor to doctor to find out what was going on, and was given the standard answer, “your tests look fine.”  Because of her medical background, she refused to accept that answer.  She KNEW things weren’t “fine” and she served as an ADVOCATE for her health.

But she knew many other people were in a similar situation and they weren’t getting the help they needed – so she decided to provide it!

Business Mastermind

I really enjoyed this interview, because she described many of my own struggles with my own health, thyroid, weight challenges, food intolerances, and more!  And I loved her biggest piece of advice for a woman growing a business “Serve others, the money will follow.”

Enjoy this interview with Maggie Berghoff!

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