February 19, 2019

Pvolve Franchise

This episode of the Turning Lemons Into Lemonade podcast covers every business owner’s biggest fear – losing your entire business to hackers!

One day over seven years ago, hackers took over my website and my instagram account.  It was DEVASTATING, time consuming, and costly to recover!  But in Heather Prestanski’s case, if she hadn’t been amazing at sales and marketing, it could have literally destroyed her business.

We always hear, build your email list – no one can ever take that away from you.  Heather described how hackers took over her facebook page, her email provider – everything!  Imagine building a 100k person email list and losing it all!  She lost her Facebook Custom Audiences.  She lost her Facebook Lookalike Audiences.  We’re talking BIG, HUGE, PAINFUL losses.

She and her husband had just bought their new house.  She had just brought her husband home to work in her business! And their income dropped by over 80%!

Fortunately, Heather is a master marketer and sales trainer.  Heather is still recovering and rebuilding her business.  But with the income drop, she had to immediately figure out how to generate revenue – which meant going back to basics, getting on the phone with relationships and selling more services.

Heather shared SOOOOO many great ideas on this episode.  DON’T miss it!

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