May 6, 2015

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Juice Cleanse for weight lossOk – so here’s my deep dark secret.  I’m a fitness instructor who LOVES pizza and pasta!  And then in addition to my love for pizza and pasta, I found out in my early 30’s that I also have intolerances to gluten and dairy.  Well, I don’t know about you, but my pizza has both gluten and dairy – in every darn slice!!

You see, I love fitness. I love running fitness studios.  But I am a complete foodie!  I always swore I should have been born to an italian family with as often as I could eat pizza!  As I entered the work force, it was the first time that I ever really struggled with my weight.  But I had always been active.  Never really sporty, but always moving.

But as I entered corporate America, I found that I struggled with my weight, and had to watch what I ate, and had to make a VERY concerted effort to work out.

Fast forward almost 17 years, and now I work out for a living.  But I STILL love pizza.

So, when one of my friends who is a chef in Dallas said she would be bringing a new product to the US that was a juice cleanse that was a SMOOTHIE and still had the fiber in the juice, I was SOOOOOOO excited to try it.  This product has been in development for years and is just hitting doorsteps in the US this week!

I just received my box!  I have unpacked it and put it in the fridge.  I start tomorrow morning, and am SUPER excited!  It’s a three day juice cleanse, and I’ll be walking you through it day by day!

Stay tuned for pictures, comments, favorites, and more!

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