May 17, 2023

Trust Your Intuition as a Business Owner with Amy Mewborn

I made a hard decision today.

I decided NOT to attend a live mastermind event that I’ve been looking forward to, and was already paid for.

One of my clients posted in her facebook group today, “What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger self?”  As I thought about it, I realized that my answer was to “listen to my gut.”  You see, my gut (my intuition) typically knows what to do.  When I get most in trouble in my life is when I DON’T listen to my own intuition.

This is true in my business.

This is true in my personal life.

This is true in my relationships.

When something has typically gone REALLY WRONG in my life – it’s often because I saw the door close, and I tried to kick it open anyway.

I LOVE live events. I especially love small live masterminds.  Add to that that this event would be in Southern California – a short 4 hour drive away, and a favorite place in the world, it seems like a no brainer that I’d be heading out tomorrow to see all my favorite people.

But I just came off a HUGE season of travel; a season of travel for work, a season of travel for fun, and a season of travel for grief.

On my second night in Miami at the beginning of March, I had some type of severe allergic reaction and I have had flare ups off and on for the past three months.  Think coughing fits, hives, the itchies where I can’t get to sleep at night.  It has been a constant roller coaster of trying to determine what I could do in my life without causing a flare up.

It has been a disruption to video recording, live video events, workouts, sleep, and just plain old getting work done!

I’ve been questioning if it was a good idea to leave again this week.  Mike and I had decided that we would add a day on and stop through Temecula (one of our favorite places in the world) and make a trip of it, and then his schedule changed and he had serious meetings get moved to this weekend.  Then I was able to get an appointment to see a functional medicine doctor to get some extensive allergy and hormone tests run while I would have been at the event as well.  So I felt like doors were opening and closing – and telling me, it was best to do this event virtually versus in person.

After I made the decision, all kinds of things started falling into place where I could do other things in my business this weekend that I had been putting off, and I knew for certain that this was the right decision.  The thing is, sometimes we have to listen to our gut – even when it doesn’t seem to make sense in order for the doors to open.

Is there something happening in YOUR business/life right now that you feel like you may be forcing?  That you may be trying to put a square peg into a round hole?  LISTEN to the resistance.  TRUST YOUR INTUITION.

If it’s meant to be, it’s yours.  If it’s not meant to be – then your body will know!  You just have to be willing to hear the hard truth!