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Are you tired of spending HOURS on social media each month, but getting no results?

  • Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the demands of creating fresh, engaging content on top of your coaching responsibilities?
  • Do you feel frustrated by the endless content creation process?
  • Do you sit down at your desk to create content, only to have writer's block and find yourself stuck?
  • Do you ever feel stuck or uninspired when it comes to generating ideas for new content? 

    Get immediate access to our DONE FOR YOU Social Media Content - including long form social media captions AND Done For You Canva images and templates that you can make your own with just a click of a button.   


This is a $19/mo monthly membership. Cancel at any time.  

Every month you get:

  • 40+ Long Form Informational Captions for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or EVEN educational blog posts!
  • 40+ Corresponding Pre-designed Canva Images and Templates to go with each caption.
  • Special Holiday posts and PERSONAL ideas for how you can bring yourself into your brand and set yourself up as an expert in your field
  • Specific tips on how to get new prospects and build your email list with one word comments and DM's

Get everything you need to create a month's worth of educational and actionable social media posts in less than an hour!

  • Save hours of content creation time each month.
  • Access professionally designed templates.
  • Increase engagement with expertly crafted captions.

PLUS as a special bonus, get access to three special trainings to generate prospects and sales from this done for you content:

  • Using Instagram to Generate Sales
  • Using One Word Comments and DM's to generate leads organically!
  • Using Social Media and Website SEO to attract the people who are SEARCHING for what you offer

This is a $19/mo monthly membership. Cancel at any time.  

Meet Amy

Amy has spent over 20 years in the health and fitness industry, first as a certified pilates instructor, then a master barre instructor and studio owner.  She received her Certified Sports Nutritionist certification in 2011.  She really dove deep into Functional Health in 2015 and beyond as she was trying to better manage her own stress and overall health.  After moving to Vegas, she didn't have the health systems that she had in Southern California, and in 2023, she ended up really sick, being tested by doctor after doctor for Lung Cancer, Sarcoidosis, Lupus, and many other issues.  In going back to functional health, she found many of the root cause answers she was looking for.  She immediately started studying for her Integrative Health Practitioner Level 1 and Level 2 certifications.  Amy is passionate about bringing more functional and integrative health alternatives to women across the globe.  She wants to help women get to the root causes of their health challenges versus just medicating and masking the symptoms.  She has been a digital marketing expert for almost 10 years, and is bringing her digital marketing expertise to women trying to improve the health of those around them.  

Whether you’re just starting your business or have been running it for years, our done-for-you resources will help you focus more on your clients and less on the stuff you don't love!

Social Media and Blog resources that are perfect for selling your…







Have questions? We've got answers.

Can I customize the content to fit my brand's voice and style?

Absolutely! You can edit any of the captions or images to match your brand voice and look. The images are created in Canva and with minimal editing, you can change colors, content, contact information - anything you want to turn these educational posts into something that you are PROUD of for your brand!

What is the cancelation policy?

It’s super simple! Cancel at any time - NO QUESTIONS ASKED. All we ask is that you give us at least 72 hours to your next billing to ensure the team has time to process your cancellation!

What if I don't have time to use all of the posts each month?

No problem. You get lifetime access to all the content you’ve already purchased. We created 40 pieces of content for you so you could use them for social media, for blog posts, for video scripts. Mix and match how you use the content. And if you don’t use it all - save it for a future month.

How do I access the additional bonus trainings?

It’s super simple - you’ll get a link to all the trainings where you can access the trainings and come back to them over and over again - for the length of your membership!

This is a $19/mo monthly membership. Cancel at any time.  

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Amy Mewborn has helped people launch barre studios who have come from a past Barre franchise, Bar Method franchise, Studio Barre franchise, Barre 3 franchise,  Barre Code Franchise and more!   She is an expert on Barre Fitness Franchises and helps launch studios without the barre fitness franchise.  If you have been looking to open a barre fitness studio and have considered a barre franchise - such as a Barre Franchise, a Bar Method Franchise, a Studio Barre Franchise, a Barre 3 Franchise, a Barre Code Franchise - or any other barre franchise - you're in the right place. 

Although a barre franchise offers a lot of benefits, she works to offer the systems and tools you would get with a big barre franchise - without the barre franchise fee.  

We are not associated with a Barre Franchise, Barre 3 franchise, Bar Method franchise, or any other barre franchise program.