Online Barre Certification

One of the things that makes us different than many barre brands is that you will learn a series of exercises that can be incorporated into a class to provide cardio. We believe that with a 60 minute class, it is more fun, challenging, and transformational to combine cardio intervals with blocks of resistance. This will keep your class and body changing!!!

YES! Safety is so important. Your manual, as well as your Anatomy and Kinesiology module will teach you about common injuries, and how to work with them in classes.

NOOOOOO!! What makes us different is that we will teach you a series of exercises and how to put them together and you can design the class that best suits you and your clients. Every class can be different. You will NOT be teaching the same barre class for three months.

YES!! You can teach ANYWHERE! Your gym, a country club, a yoga studio – any where you want! Your certification is yours and follows you to any studio/gym/country you wish to teach in.