Management and Marketing in a Box

The best thing about a women’s business is the camaraderie. Envision a weekend with other owners taking classes, drinking champagne, and sharing ideas on how to grow your business!

Marketing photos, stock photos, flyer templates for in studio events, sample print ads, sample media ads, press releases and more!

Studies show that you become most like the five people you spend your time with. Our Mastermind Program allows you to share ideas, and receive advice and support from other studio owners so you are NEVER on your own. Some of my best friends have come from my business masterminds. This program allows to you to be your own boss without being on your own.

You may not! But being a business owner is sometimes an overwhelming job. You have more freedom, but you are responsible for all the marketing, staffing, management of the business. Management and Marketing in a Box is designed to give you additional ongoing support without taking 7% of your revenues!