Barre Cert-2

Our program was submitted to the American Council on Exercise. They have reviewed the course material and our master instructors and given us the approval to be an approved program and continuing education provider with the American Council on Exercise.

That’s ok! We have an entire section on musicality, how to design a class with the music, how to use the music to count repetitions, how to use music to motivate and encourage the class, and where to get the music that you will use for your classes. Our Platinum Certification even includes FIVE full playlists – OVER $100 Value!!!

We make it as simple as possible. We want to know that you have the skills and training to teach your first class, and we want to give you the feedback that will make you a better instructor! You will have a short written exam that deals with modifications and how to modify in case of injuries. You will also submit a 60 minute class video that you will upload to a private youtube channel that shows you teaching 3 or more of your friends. This is your opportunity to get individual feedback and help with your certification process!!

The thing that makes us most different from other types of barre is that we incorporate cardio ballet/dance elements in our classes, combined with the small, isometric, sculpting movements of traditional barre. You will learn multiple formats so you get to CHOOSE the type of class you wish to teach. So, if you want to teach an 8:20am Iso-Barre class – with only small isometrics, you can. If you want to teach a 9:30 Cardio Ballet class with lots of cardio, you can. If you want to teach it as a combination class, for maximum efficiency you can. This certification gives you the tools and the FREEDOM to teach any type of barre class you desire!