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Do You Hate Your Job Too – Part 2

Yesterday I talked about how I made the decision to leave my well paying, secure job to open my own business.  Ultimately, despite having a great job with good co-workers and amazing clients, I wasn’t happy.  It was no one’s fault but my own.  But I literally was dying inside a slow and miserable death […]

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Do What You Love – Part 2

Yesterday, I started the story of Megan and Kate, and how they have reminded me about what inspires me.  Now I’m going to give you the rest of the story… My husband, Mike, and I have been married 11 years.  He’s a Realtor and I run two barre studios.  So, as business owners, we work […]

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Do Something You Love – Part 1

Every year as I get older, I start to reflect more and more on my life.  So, today on my birthday, I’m going to reflect aloud – sitting in my bed with my computer on my lap.  😉 Why am I here?To motivate, and inspire women. What excites me?I am most passionate when I help […]

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