August 5, 2014

Amy Mewborn is the Founder of Women Success Society. She helps women entrepreneurs launch and scale six and seven figure businesses, without the hustle; with her signature programs - Business Success Simplified and Elevate Mastermind and Accelerator.

Fit in 60 Carmel Valley Member appreciation winner, MinnieEvery year as I get older, I start to reflect more and more on my life.  So, today on my birthday, I’m going to reflect aloud – sitting in my bed with my computer on my lap.  😉

Why am I here?
To motivate, and inspire women.

What excites me?
I am most passionate when I help women find THEIR passion.  I love fitness.  But I also love the business of fitness, and love to talk to women when they want to start a fitness business, or any other business that really excites the or turns them on!

Do I love (or even like) my life?  
I love my life – but it’s not always as easy as I try to make it seem!  I think as women, we often feel like we need to make it look like we have it all together.  Honestly, over the past two weeks, I have had at least three occasions where I just sat and cried hysterically due to some problem that really was just an annoyance, but I didn’t feel that I had the tools or desire to tackle it!

But yesterday, I had a really cool experience.  But I need to step back a bit and give you some background.

I am going to tell you a story about a couple of new clients who I met last week, and what I learned from them on my birthday.  😉

Today, I’m going to start with how I met Megan and Kate last week and what was going on in my life.

Remember the comment about crying hysterically – last Tuesday when Megan and Kate  came in, we had a huge stressor come up when someone in Pakistan hacked our website, took it down, and sent a bunch of spam emails to our entire client base.  I found this out literally on my way in to teach at Fit in 60 Carlsbad that morning.  And all I could think of was, I don’t have time to teach this morning – my world is crashing in on me, and I need to handle the administration.  So, I cried all the way to the studio and for about 10 minutes after I got there!  But then I realized that I had two classes of women that were going to be depending on me to motivate and entertain them.  So, I cranked up the music and put on a (fake) smile and started dancing with these lovely women.  And you know what – about one song later – the smile was real, I temporarily forgot about the internet problem,  and I was having FUN!

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Megan and Kate are new to our area and came in for my second class that day.  They were fun, super friendly, and just the kind of girls you feel honored to meet.  We had the conversation that I have with all my clients – how do you feel, tell me about your body, is there anything I need to keep an eye out for.  I had planned a tough class, and they jumped right in.  And what really struck me was that in class, they really looked out for each other.  They seemed to embody what I love about women, friendships, and fitness with friends.

They laughed together, they protected each other, they encouraged each other, and they motivated each other!  THAT is what life is all about!  Having people that lift you up and make your life better!

So after two hours teaching, I left that morning feeling more refreshed and recharged than I ever could have had I skipped it.  These women fed me.  They gave me the sanity and peace of mind to tackle seven hours of changing every password, verifying that all data was safe and secure, and trying to put safeguards in place so this would hopefully not happen again.

Had I followed my first reaction, I would have gotten a sub for my classes, and I would have stayed home on my computer, making phone calls, and then curling up into my bed in a ball feeling sorry for myself!  But the women that walked through the door last Tuesday literally changed the ENTIRE trajectory for my week!

Those are the moments that you know you’re doing the right thing and that you do love your life.

Question of introspection for you – Please comment below on “What feeds you and confirms that you are doing the right thing with your life?” OR “What makes you think you should make a change to your life?”

Join me tomorrow for part two of  Are  You Doing Something You Love?