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Nosh Detox Juice Cleanse

I’m DONE! My 3 Days on a Juice Cleanse!

On Thursday I started a three day juice cleanse.  This was TOUGH for me.  In my normal life, I tend to follow the 80/20 rule – and eat as well as I can during the week and indulge on the weekends. I enjoy my wine, my pizza or whatever else I really am craving.  The […]

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Barre Certification, barre franchise

How to Know You’ve Chosen The Right Career

When I was in financial planning, I used to dread Mondays. On Sunday afternoon at 3 pm, I was cranky, frustrated, and dreading my new week. I often also had a really hard time sleeping on Sunday nights, thinking about all the things I had to do. Today, as a certified barre instructor and barre […]

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This Business Owner Needs a Break

  Are you a business owner that is feeling tired, overwhelmed, and lacking creativity?  Step away from the business! You can’t be “ON” all the time. Today I talk about how I had to get away from my barre studios to get creative! If you’re a business owner and need to get more done  – […]

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Five Things Successful People Do Every Morning!

We all want to be successful and are always looking to those that ARE successful to see what they are doing that we aren’t. 1.  Successful people often get up early.  You have likely seen the quote – “Beyonce has the same number of hours in the day as you do.”  But yet, Beyonce is […]

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