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Using Free Events To Grow Your Fitness Studio (1)

The Biggest Mistake When Hosting a Free Event In Your Fitness Studio

I talk to people all the time who are doing Free Events in their fitness studio, but aren’t getting the results they hoped for.  It’s crazy!  They are investing tons of money on food, drinks, prizes, and working themselves into the ground – but they have NO strategy to convert those clients to long term packages. Here’s the thing – in my eyes a free event has THREE potential purposes: To bring in new clients […]

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Having It All As a Business Coach

The Secret To “Having It All” As A Female Entrepreneur – Inspired Coach Article

As a female entrepreneur, an owner of a brick and mortar business, a business coach, and a wife – I’m often asked whether or not “having it all” is really possible! Having it all, and doing it all are two VERY different things!  I recently worked with Inspired Coach Magazine to share how I and other successful female entrepreneurs are truly “having it all”!   The Blessing and The Curse of Feminism For years, as […]

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Tax Planning For Entrepreneurs – Without The Audits!

As entrepreneurs, most of us have a very interesting dynamic in our tax planning. We have no one to pay our self employment taxes.  We also often have payroll taxes that we are paying for others.  This means that our tax liabilities may be higher than the average person.  However, as entrepreneurs, we also are able to deduct certain expenses, that employees are not.  This leads to a perpetual catch 22 in tax planning – […]

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Using Pinterest To Grow Your Business

Are You Using Pinterest to Grow Your Business? As we end 2016, I am doing a number of things personally in my business to improve my visibility and social media presence.  One of those things is that I am upgrading both my Pinterest and my Instagram profiles to be better branded and better designed.     As I was describing all of this to my husband today, he said, “Goodness, that’s a lot of work […]

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Olympics Goals and Hard Work in Business

What we can learn from the Olympics about goals and hard work….

As I write this, we are three days into the Olympics.  Last night was the first night of the women’s gymnastics competition and they dominated beyond what was even expected (watch Simone Biles), Katie Ledecky smashed her own world record, Michael Phelps started his Olympic games with gold, and the AMAZING gymnast from Uzbekistan, Oksana Chusovitina is 41 and is the oldest woman to ever compete in the Olympics in women’s gymnastics. Throughout the evening, […]

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