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Open Your Own Barre Fitness Studio- Benefit of a Barre Franchise

Do you want to start your own fitness business, but don’t know how? Do you think you need a franchise because you know you’ve never ran a fitness business? There’s a better way, and I will show you. I’m going to show you the benefits of a franchise and I am also going to show you the dangers of the franchise. You can have the life you’ve always wanted without the expenses and restrictions. Perfect! […]

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Have More Freedom With Your Own Barre Studio

Do you want to leave your corporate job to stay home with your family? Do you want to have more flexibility, more freedom and more money? Well, you can have all of that while running your own fitness business. Are you working harder and longer, but never really getting ahead? The average American is working more and making less… that doesn’t make sense. It gets stressful not having control over how many hours you get […]

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Open Your Own Barre Fitness Studio- Dangers of a Barre Franchise

On the last video, we talked about the benefits of a barre franchise. Now, let me fill you in on the dangers of a barre franchise! Some of the dangers of a barre franchise are: high start up costs encroachment limited independence ongoing royalty/advertising fees unfair termination franchisor mark-up. A barre franchise contract is written to protect the franchisor, not you! The start up costs are non-refundable. Imagine working SUPER hard and building up your […]

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Using Client Testimonials to Build Your Fitness Business Without Spending a Dime!

  If you have run a fitness business for very long, you likely know that a few of the first questions you may get from a potential client are these: What makes your fitness business different? What kind of results can I expect from your studio? I’m “this age”, “this fitness level”, etc – will this work for me? One of the easiest ways to answer these questions is through testimonials.  As human beings, we […]

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5 Questions To Ask About Marketing Your Barre Studio

5 Questions to Ask About Marketing Your Barre Studio With or Without a Barre Franchise! Are you considering opening a barre studio?  Have you decided if you are going to pay to join a barre franchise or try to do it without the barre franchise? If you know me, you know that I am very against investing in a barre franchise.  The first and main reason is the up front fee. Most barre franchises have […]

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