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Amy Mewborn - Author of The Great Escape - The Successful Woman's Guide to Escaping the 9-5

The Great Escape: Escaping The 9-5 – My Interview with Hilary Hendershott

                When I launched my new book The Great Escape, The Successful Woman’s Guide to Escaping The 9-5, I really started to focus on speaking to women and teaching specifically how to leave corporate America and build a life that is more in line with their dreams and desires! Most women who reach out to me to leave their corporate job – are dying to make the transition […]

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9 open a barre studio without a barre franchise

The Five Things You Need to Do When Opening A Barre Studio

If you are planning to open a barre studio, a pilates studio, or a fitness business, there are a few important questions that you need to answer before you can go ANY further.  Today we are going to cover the five things that you need to know/identify/or do before your barre studio or fitness business will be a success. Determine who is your target/ideal client. This will tell you so much about where to build […]

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5 Ways to Finance Your New Barre Studio On a Budget

When you are getting ready to open your first (or second, or third) barre studio, you often are trying to be mindful of your budget. One thing that is important to remember is that whatever you invest in starting your barre studio, you really need to make that money back before you are truly profitable.  One of the things that I often tell a potential owner is that if you invest $15,000 into renovating that […]

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To Own a Barre Franchise. Open Your Own Barre Studio Without The Fees or Rules of a Barre Franchise

I’m The Navigator; You’re The Driver of Your Own Barre Studio – Without a Barre Franchise

One of the questions I get frequently from people that want to open a barre studio is that they are afraid of someone telling them what to do! One of the biggest benefits of opening a barre studio with a consultant or online program vs a barre franchise is that you have the power to make all the decisions FOR your barre studio! So, let’s hit that head on. NO, that couldn’t be any further […]

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