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Are you ready for your first team member?

 When you’re first launching your business, there are a lot of emotions around EVERYTHING!Do I need a coach?Should I spend money to go to this conference?Should I spend money on ads?Do I hire someone to do those ads or do I learn to do them myself?What should I spend my time doing in my business?Should […]

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How to double and triple your revenue next year.

How to double or triple your business in 2020!

 Are you happy with what your business did in 2019?  Would you like to earn MORE in 2020?  Would you like earn MORE – while doing LESS? I’m ANTI-hustle.  I’m not saying that there are not going to be times of hustle, or times that you sprint in your business.  But I call BS on the […]

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Why Use Quizzes To Grow Your Business?

I know you’ve seen them, the: “Which Sex and The City Character Are You?” “Which Friends Character Are You?” “What’s Your Brand Type?” “What’s Your Money Type?” “Take This Skin Assessment” “Take This Hair Assessment.” I’m talking about the QUIZZES  and ASSESSMENTS that we’re seeing all over the place.  Why is this so popular all […]

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