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Three Simple Ways to Increase Client Engagement in A Fitness Studio

We’ve gone through a bit of a transformation in my barre and pilates studio over the past few months, as we had two long time instructors move and some new instructors start.  Any time there is a change, it creates apprehension! Our clients are always a bit hesitant to give a new instructor a try – even if it is an amazing instructor.  You see, a fitness studio is a relationship business.  It is more […]

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Four No Cost Ways to Increase Client Retention in your Barre Studio or Pilates Studio

One major concern for a yoga studio, pilates studio, or barre studio owner is how to engage their clients! The statistic its that it costs about 7 times more to get a new client than it does to keep an existing client.  If you have ever tracked what you spend on marketing, advertising, new client specials, etc – this could be significant.  So one thing that is important, is how to recognize your clients and […]

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