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Hiring Your First Assistant

5 Things To Look For In Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant

If you’re looking for your first virtual assistant, you’ve likely reached a point in your career where you have too much to do, and not enough time!  You probably have too many responsibilities and really need a strong number two – someone you can count on.  But your first assistant can be the most important position you will ever hire for, so you can not just choose anyone! Your first assistant must possess certain characteristics and […]

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When having it all, isn’t really all you expected it to be…

So this is probably going to be the most transparent thing I’ll ever write about my life or my business. I turned 40 this year and have struggled to really “find” myself a large part of my life.  I have always been motivated by achievement and accomplishments.  If a problem arises, I just work harder and longer to power through it.  As an entrepreneur – that is even MORE true! The problem now is that […]

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How to Increase Productivity To Maximize Business Success

Five Critical Changes I Am Making To Increase My Productivity (And Revenue) In 2016

  A few years ago, I was wildly overwhelmed with both my life and my business.  I hired a productivity expert to help me identify how to better manage my time, tasks, and life!  The end result at that time was unbelievable.  Now, here I am five years later and it was time to revisit my weekly schedule and identify how to reposition it again for maximum productivity (with more down time). Time Blocking When […]

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14% of Zappos Quit This Week – What Does That Mean For Managing Your Business?

A few years ago, I read Tony Hsieh’s book “Delivering Happiness.”  It is still one of my favorite business books that I’ve ever read.  Tony Hsieh has created one of the top cultures in modern day Corporate America.  Zappos hires for culture fit more than skills, and has no problem shaking up the mix if the team culture isn’t working.  In my opinion, Zappos is on the cutting edge of corporate culture “experiments.” What is […]

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