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Questions to ask before you open a barre studio

Five Questions To Ask About Potential Clients To Open a Barre Studio

When you are considering whether or not to open a barre studio or your own pilates studio, you need to know a number of things about your potential client.  The more you know about your potential client, the better chance you have for success. When you are considering how to open a barre studio, it is helpful to ask yourself the following: your ideal location the types of classes you are going to offer how […]

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Your personal brand is one of the most important elements

How Your “Look” Shapes Your Personal Brand

As we discuss style and how your “look” shapes your personal brand, I want you to really consider how you are presently known, and how you want to be known. Be aware of the gap and determine how you want to change it. Your personal brand is how you are seen by your family and friends, your business associates, acquaintances, and even through your online presence! My husband, Mike, is a BIG personality. He walks […]

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Using Social Media to Market Your Small Business

Marketing At Your Finger Tips; Using Social Media to Market Your Small Business

  A new research done by LinkedIn found that 81% of small- to medium-sized businesses are using social media to help their growth. How will you use it to help your business grow and get the exposure you so desire? Often, some business owners that aren’t too computer savvy, just don’t use social media as a platform to grow their business. That may be because they are afraid of learning something new, or the thought […]

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Improve Your Branding To Increase Your Sales

Are Your Sales Suffering? Improve Your Branding To Increase Sales

  Building a brand requires a ton of effort and time. It goes beyond just an idea. If you want to improve your branding, you must develop everything from your logo, to determining whom is your desired demographic, to your strategies, to figuring out who is your competition.  Each of these are integral parts of creating a successful brand. Having a crisp, clean, professional brand that is consistent creates your reputation. Without a solid brand, […]

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Increase Productivity of Your Business... On Your Own Schedule!

Increase Productivity of Your Business… On Your Own Schedule!

  The beauty of this day and age is that you can structure a lifestyle that allows you to work flexibly…and still increase productivity! How does working only a set of a couple hours each day sound to you? Probably a lot better than the typical 8+ hours you would work at an office job with little to no breaks. Here are a few ways to stay calm and energized all day while still managing to […]

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