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So you want to be an entrepreneur and open a barre studio

So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur and Open a Barre Studio

If you want to be an entrepreneur and are considering how to open a barre studio, know it can be a fabulous life, or it can be miserable, depending on you, your personality, your strengths, your family support, and your risk tolerance. As a serial entrepreneur, business consultant, and previous barre studio owner, I get […]

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How To Be an Introvert in an Extroverted Business World

How to Be an Introvert in the Extroverted Business World

“Your Business Moves at The Speed of Your Relationships…” How being an Introvert In the Big City Changed My Business This Week. One of my mentors, Todd Herman, has been trying to drill that quote into my head for the past two years. Either I’m a slow learner, or my introverted self gets in my […]

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Get More Referrals In Your Fitness Business

Three Ways To Get More Referrals In Your Fitness Business

Does your fitness business need more referrals? Statistics show that often, clients would LOVE to give you referrals, but they aren’t asked, and often don’t know how. Referrals can be the SINGLE most powerful way to grow your business – and you can literally build this as your MOST profitable client source – WITHOUT spending […]

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