March 20, 2023

Pure Barre Franchise for Sale: Everything You Need to Know

You may be considering opening a barre studio.  Barre is a well-known boutique fitness modality that is is known for providing full-body workouts that are low-impact but high-intensity and that target strength, agility, and flexibility. 


If you are considering purchasing a franchise for most Barre franchises, the following information is essential to have:


Franchise Fees and Initial Investment

The initial investment required to open most barre franchises range from $178,350 to $370,000, and the franchise fee can reach up to $60,000. With one of the franchises, you’ll also typically need a minimum liquid cash requirement of $100,000 and a net worth requirement of $500,000 to qualify. It is important to keep in mind that this is just the initial investment and that you will also need to think about the ongoing fees.


Ongoing Fees

A 7-8% ongoing royalty fee and a 1-2% ad royalty fee are what most barre franchises require from their franchisees.    

Recurring Revenue Model

The recurring revenue model is one of the most significant advantages that come with being the owner of a Barre studio.   When a client subscribes to a service, they are charged a monthly fee in exchange for the right to regularly attend classes. This proven business model, of recurring revenue, helps to stabilize cash flow, which enables franchisees to easily manage their finances and expand their businesses.


Minimal Build-Out 

One of the biggest benefits of opening a barre studio is that – especially if you avoid the barre franchise fees – a potential studio owner can open their studio with a low initial capital investment, which results in cost savings for the construction. 


Semi-Absentee Executive Model

In addition, owning a barre studio the features a semi-absentee executive model, which enables studio owners to manage their businesses while continuing to work full-time in another capacity, if desired. Individuals who want to own a business but are unable to have sufficient financial resources to devote themselves to its management full-time may find this studio model to be the most suitable option while they are getting their new business off the ground.  In my two studios – each studio had a manager. It allowed me to teach in one studio on Monday morning, and the other studio on Tuesday morning because I enjoyed seeing the clients.  I wanted to be a business owner – not a full time worker in my businesses! 


Final Thoughts on opening a potential barre studio without the barre franchise. 

Barre provides those interested in the health and fitness industry with an enticing completely scalable business opportunity. The brand has built a substantial community and an extensive network of studios all over the world by utilizing a workout program that is low-impact but high-intensity, as well as a recurring revenue model. Aspiring business owners should consider this option because it provides support options and a semi-absentee executive model, despite the possibility that the initial investment and ongoing fees will appear to be excessively high. Be sure to do your homework and take into account all of the relevant information before settling on a course of action if you’re thinking about buying a Barre franchise.


Now that you understand the costs and benefits of owning a Barre studio, it’s time to make a choice. A Barre studio can be a rewarding investment if you have the financial means and a passion for fitness.  A Barre studio can be a profitable venture for years to come with the right location, marketing strategy, and management team.


If you’re still not sure if owning a Barre franchise is right for you, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision:



What are the requirements to own a Barre franchise or barre studio?

To be eligible for a Barre franchise, you must have a net worth of $500,000 and $100,000 in liquid cash. You must also be willing to invest between $178,350 and $370,000 in the barre space for the franchise’s initial setup and general construction.  Without the barre franchise – you’ll save a TON of money on franchise fees, franchisor mark up on products and services, construction requirements, etc.  In addition – you’ll have more autonomy running your business your way!


Do I need fitness industry experience to have barre technique to own a Barre franchise?

No, prior fitness industry experience is not required to own a Barre franchise.


Can I open a Barre franchise or barre studio anywhere?

A barre franchisor must approve Barre franchise locations.  They protect typically a 5 mile territory around locations.  If you open your own barre studio without a barre franchise – you can choose your location based on market conditions and your convenience.  


What is the average time it takes to open a Barre franchise?

The time it takes to open a Barre franchise varies depending on factors like location, construction timelines, and permitting requirements. However, the process usually takes 9 to 18 months.  Often the longest part of the process is finding the negotiation and signing the lease.  If you are going with a franchise – the construction process can be longer than if you open your own studio because you must build everything in your studio to the franchisor’s standards.   


What is Barre, and what kind of workouts do they offer?

Barre is a boutique fitness modality that provides full-body workouts that are low-impact, high-intensity, and target strength, agility, and flexibility.  Most barre classes emphasize performing small movements that ultimately lead to significant transformations.



What is the largest barre franchise?

Barre is the world’s largest barre franchise, with over 600 studios worldwide [4]. Barre, founded in 2001 by Carrie Rezabek Dorr, provides a variety of effective, low-impact, high-intensity, full-body workouts for people of all fitness levels [2].