Five Questions To Ask About Potential Clients To Open a Barre Studio

Questions about potential clientele to open a barre studioWhen you are considering whether or not to open a barre studio or your own pilates studio, you need to know a number of things about your potential client.  The more you know about your potential client, the better chance you have for success.

When you are considering how to open a barre studio, it is helpful to ask yourself the following:

  • your ideal location
  • the types of classes you are going to offer
  • how you are going to market your business
  • and who you should hire

Ask yourself these simple questions about your IDEAL clients:

1.  What is the age range and gender of your potential ideal client?

2.  Where do they live and work?

3.  Do they have discretionary income?

4.  On what do they spend their discretionary income?

5.  Where do they shop and why?

When you plan to open a barre studio, each of these questions will tell you a lot about your ideal client and their demographic.

You want to know WHO they are.

Where do they shop – and WHY?  (Do they love high quality?  Are they value minded?  Do they choose particular stores for the shopping experience?)

You need to know if they have money to be able to purchase your product.  You will want to determine if there are enough of your target clients that live or work closely enough to your ideal location to be able to sustain a successful barre studio.

These are just five questions that need to be asked before you open a barre studio and there are many more things to consider as you plan your barre studio.

With Barre in a Box, I have spent years putting together the tools that you need to open a barre studio, without the fees and rules of a barre franchise.  You will walk through a process to visualize, name, and thoroughly describe your ideal client.  The more you know about her (or him), the more you can tailor your offerings to their needs.

I once was told, “I don’t care if your product could be the best thing in the world for someone, if they won’t spend the money on it, they aren’t your ideal client.”  So sit down and really identify – WHO is your ideal client?  If you need more questions, more answers, or more help, contact me to schedule a consultation to discuss Barre In a Box!



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