• Do you need more clients, more referrals, and increased client loyalty, but don't have the money for marketing?
  • Do you know that your business could make TONS more money, if you could just bring in more clients?
  • Are you afraid the competition is eating up your profits?
  • Do you want to build a super successful multi-six figure business but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on marketing each month?

Get the tools and training you need to build a marketing system that creates a LINE AT THE DOOR and truly creates the business you’ve always dreamed of.

Learn the inexpensive ways to supercharge your marketing, your class size, and your profits to build a business that helps support the life you have always dreamt of!

Implement a SIMPLE, PROVEN marketing system that can bring in MORE of your IDEAL CLIENTS for under $100 per month - OR IF MONEY IS REALLY TIGHT - FOR FREE EACH MONTH!

How can you do this without a big ad budget? 

As someone that has owned and run 3 studios myself, I know that it often feels like everyone thinks you are made of money! They think that you should be spending money on ads, on facebook ads, on marketing, on client gifts, on more staff - basically everything.

Until they've been in your shoes, they have NO idea how much pressure there is in being responsible for rent, paying staff, AND bringing in (and keeping) clients! 

I get it! I've been there - spending THOUSANDS of dollars each month - but not getting a return on those investments.

It's only because I HAD thousands of dollars for trial and error, and I hired really great coaches, advisors, and marketing professionals to help me crack the code and figure out how to actually bring in more new clients, get more referrals, increase client engagement, and increase client retention! WIthout that, my businesses would have failed and my family would have lost everything!

The secret is - you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on marketing. There are a few great strategies that will work and get you headed in the right direction - without spending anything if you want! But once you see how effective all these strategies are - you are going to WANT to supercharge your marketing with some of the paid strategies! 

I'm going to give you trainings, checklists, and done for you resources to IMMEDIATELY start implementing marketing strategies THAT WORK and that don't have to cost you ANYTHING! 

You Will:

  • Identify Your ONE DREAM CLIENT So You Have No True Competitors
  • Use FREE Video To Nurture Your Clients and Generate New Prospects
  • Client Welcome and Wow To Increase Conversions and Nurture Prospects BEFORE they come in the door, 
  • Use Pop Ups, Community Classes, and Live Events To Get New Clients, Referrals, and Increase Sales - at NO COST TO YOU!
  • Website Marketing and SEO WITHOUT The Pricey SEO Firm
  • Use Social Media to Spread The Word Without Spending a Dime
  • Facebook Ads THAT CONVERT To ONLY Your PERFECT clients!
  • Create Your Marketing Plan & Promotional Calendar To Always Have New Clients 
  • Use Challenges To Get Results and Increase Client Loyalty
  • Build Referral Programs That Do Your Marketing For You!
  • Build Community Partnerships To Expand Your Reach
  • Turn Your Staff Into a High Performance Marketing Machine

Fitness Marketing On a Dime  

Extended Bonuses: 

  • $300 Discount - over 30% off
  • Facebook Community Of Other Studio Owners to Ask Questions and Share Ideas!
  • 20 Done For You Social Media Posts
  • Goal Setting For Success Video and training
  • Mastering Your Mindset for Growth Video and training
  • Time Management For The Busy Studio Owner Video, Schedule, and Templates

What's Included in the Program?

  • Tackle ONE big topic each month to IMPLEMENT the strategy and start bringing in new clients no! 
  • 12 Training Modules - Delivered once a month - so you can follow along, IMPLEMENT and SEE IMMEDIATE CHANGE!
  • Live Q&A calls to help YOU! This is not just a program - this is a SUPPORT SYSTEM to help you identify what YOU need to do in YOUR business!
  • Get access to Amy daily in the Private Facebook Group To Share Marketing Ideas, GET HELP, and network with other studio owners JUST LIKE YOU!
  • Personal access to Amy - to help you IMPLEMENT! Live Q&A to get PERSONALIZED HELP! If you can’t make it, they’ll be recorded! You can even send in your questions ahead of time if you need to! 
  • Early Bird Bonuses - Bonus Motivational Photos/Quotes Bonus Productivity Training Bonus Money Mindset Training and MORE! 

Learn how to create a business that has a list of your DREAM clients at the door. If you follow these strategies - you WILL get results - without having to spend thousands of dollars each month on marketing. 

Open House = Genius. "I am EXHAUSTED and didn’t even get time to eat, let alone find a bathroom today, but we made over $3k in one day during said “free” open house, so you’re a genius." - Niki

Over this one weekend event, in additon to her single day sales, Niki signed 14 new 12 month members, sold 12 new client specials and had a process to convert those new clients into long term clients! 

This single weekend brought in an extra $2,100/mo in monthly membership fees!

Take the business that you love and use it to build the LIFESTYLE you've always dreamed of!!! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much access will I actually get to you to help me trouble shoot if something isn’t working? First, my hourly rate is normally $500 per hour and I don't take on private marketing clients any more! 

I’m in the Facebook group every single day. I am there to ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. I provide marketing images, tips, and extra hot seat videos in the Facebook group that you can't access ANYWHERE ELSE! We also do Live Q&A calls - that are recorded if you can't make it! This is your opportunity to get FULL access to me! I take as long as we need on the calls to answer any questions you may have!

What if can't make it to the live calls? I totally understand - if you can't make ito to the live calls you can send in your questions prior to the call. 

All calls will be recorded for you to listen later. One of my biggest strengths is strategizing and helping you identify how to tweak something that isn't working - TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR ACCESS TO ME!!!!  

How can I really do marketing for so little each month? First - in your FIRST module I'm going to share with you my SECRET WEAPON! My goal is to help you REDUCE EXPENSES in month one! But then, this is MEANT for you to spend less than $100 - $200/mo on marketing - but yielding true RESULTS!  

If you're willing to do some extra leg work - you can seriously see AMAZING results spending NOTHING!!!! When we start together, you will invest AS LITTLE money into a few things and see how they work - then determine how much more to invest.  

One of my recent clients invested $80 into Facebook ads over the course of two weeks. It yielded her over $1,200 in income. Those are the things we want to replicate ONCE THEY WORK! 

How do you know this will work in MY business? I have run my own studios, helped launch over 40 from scratch and have advised on THOUSANDS of studios around the world. These are not "ideas." These are REAL, SIMPLE action steps to get more clients and increase retention! 

One of the things we do in the program, is give you DONE FOR YOU mini marketing plans, emails, phone scripts, and templates to see results quickly!!! And in month number one, we share with your our NEW SECRET WEAPON - this one fast to implement tip will give you access to ALL te 

What if I can't even afford this program? Again, I understand! When I first opened my first studio - I spent so much money building it out, hiring staff, and on marketing that didn't work. But if I hadn't MAXED OUT MY CREDIT CARD to hire my first $25,000 business coach, my businesses would have sunk! 

I know that most studio owners feel like money is tight and that they can't afford it. Our EARLY BIRD offer costs LESS THAN ONE HOUR WITH ME! AND we offer a monthly payment option to try it out with no further obligation!!!! 

But in your FIRST module - I'm going to give you MY NEW BIG SECRET to REDUCE EXPENSES, systematize referrals, and increase client conversions to help you keep going!

Will this work for me? If you follow my advice - this WILL work. I not only have built three studios of my own I've helped launch 40 studios from scratch and have advised THOUSANDS of studio owners! You are going to get my BEST, PROEN strategies to get more clients, increase client retention, in INTRODUCTORY CLIENT PACKAGES. Statistics show tht when someone doesn't pay for something, there is little perceived value, and the are not a good long term prospect. 

Where I DO believe you should do things for free is free events or free gift cards around the holidays as a means to get referrals - from your VERY BEST CLIENTS. 

EVERY time you implement a new marketing strategy - there MUST be a PLAN TO CONVERT those clients to long term clients - otherwise the time and money was wasted. Our goal is to get more clients keep them longer, and have them spend more money with you! 

Ultimately it's this - I'm going to show you EXACTLY HOW to use your existing client base, use your community, and use your existing resources to bring you more clients and keep your existing clients longer - bringing you more income and the freedom you dreamed of when you first opened your studio! 

"Things have been going great. I've been open less than 2 months, and my sales are almost to a point where I can cover my monthly costs.  

I think the best thing I ever did was the targeted facebook ads. I have gotten over 500 leads and continue to get about 20-30 a week." - Kristin

When Kristin opened her studio, she knew Facebook ads were the one thing she wanted to spend marketing dollars on. She hired one of our recommended Facebook ads partners to do the work for her - getting between 200 and 500 NEW CLIENTS EVERY MONTH!  

This ONE Marketing strategy filled her brand new studio and brought her to profitability in just three months in business!

Let me tell you about one of my clients...  

Rita launced her boutique studio less than a year ago. We worked closely together to build a model that brought her new clients consistently.

Today, Rita has been in business less than a year and she has waitlists on many of her classes each week. 

She was profitable in her first month in business! She started taking an income from her business in month 3, and she has a manager running the studio when she's not there.  

How did Rita do this so quickly:  

  • She hosted great events that encouraged clients to bring referrals.
  • She did a mailing just a few months in business that was highly targeted to her IDEAL clients ONLY - that brought in hundreds of new clients.
  • She had a highly curated introductory offer that was meant to be a no brainer for someone to come try her services
  • She had a conversion strategy for EVERY SINGLE new client who came in her door.
  • She used social media to create community and publicly praise her clients.
  • She created client rewards and publicly - in studio - recognized client milestones.
  • She had a fabulous client experience strategy that made every client feel valued and appreciated.  

As such, she has a TREMENDOUSLY close knit tribe of clients who are constantly singing her praises and bringing her referrals! Now, less than a year in business, she is INCREASING her prices, and changing her memberships to be LESS flexible, because when you have waitlists on your classes, you need to do something to keep room for your BEST clients while making it a bit harder for your non-regular or occasional class pack clients to get access to your best class times!  

Would you like to have to turn clients away? 

Would you like to increase your prices? 

Would you like to only have GOOD clients coming into your business?